Kat Young at KungPaoPussy Part 1

Today we brought you another Kay Young scene for all you lucky guys and it’s sure is a crazy one. Our two Asian babes who are looking just like the slutty Asian chicks from manila exposed videos got another hunk to keep them company the other night. This one they found lost in the campus looking for directions. So our good gals helped him out and showed him here the information offices are and waited for him to see if everything is ok. Actually they waited for him to give him their phone numbers in case he needed more information. When he came out of the office he has pretty mad because he couldn’t check in in his dorm until tomorrow and he had no place to sleep.

Our gals didn’t think it twice and they offered their place to the poor, but smoking hot, guy. They went to get a bite and then went home. After he finished carrying his stuff he went straight to the shower, but when he came out he got a surprise. The gals were waiting for him completely naked on the bed. Kat took his towel, revealing his big cock. Before you know it they were on their knees fight for his tool. Just imagine two hottie fighting who’s gonna suck his cock first. Watch here the entire gallery to see how it all ended. Enjoy it!


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