Kat at KungPaoPussy Part 2

Guess who’s back? Yes you’re right we’re talking about Kat Young! She’s back and brought with her this insane scene.  She’s up to no good once again, as you know and she has a partner, her hot friend. These slutty Japanese chicks were so bored the other day so they decided to go out. A new club opened next to their place so they went see what’s it about. When they entered they were surprised, the club was full of hot single guys. It was hard to pick one but after talking to a few they finally ended up chatting with a good looking guy. Kat wanted to know if he had what was need for her threesome fantasy. So she went dancing with him and while they where on the dance floor she offered him a lap dance. After she saw him move, she didn’t think twice and asked him to come over to their place.

On their way home she told him about her threesome fantasy and he was more than please to help the gals out. Once they got in the room, the babes started stripping and revealing their amazing curves, their perfectly round tits and their sexy asses. Then they started undressing him and than took turns on sucking his fat cock, but that only after he finished licking their juicy pussies. Enjoy it and see you next with more updates! Until then, you can enter the gqueen.org site and watch some slutty Japanese chicks revealing their shaved pussies! Have fun & see you soon!kat-young-kungpaopussy-pussy-licking

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